Compositor Features


Compositor has a very powerful feature set.

You can make images from scratch, enhance your existing images in subtle ways, or even remake them into wildly colored masterpieces with complete ease. Here's a partial list of what is available in the application.

New with v3.x.x series

OpenGL Planets

Smoky Mountains Analog-Fractal generator (v3.3.5+)

Mandelbrot Fractal Zoomer

Sort Image by Hue/RGB (Sordid filter)

Tween Images

Create Pair

New Quartz Line Tool, with Arrows

Multiple Clipboards (9 total)


Animate Color Palette (any open document, fractals too)


Tool Mode

Select Tools: Rectangle, Oval, Magic Wand, Lasso

Select Image Select Lights, Select Darks, Select MidTones, Select Grid (starting v2.10)

Brush,Motion Brush, Wet Media Brush, Airbrush, Pencil, Line Tool, Gradients

Crop Tool, Rotate Tool

Dodge, Burn Tools

Smear, Blur, Sharpen Tools

Stamp Tool

Deskew/Keystone Correction/Distort Tool

Clone Tool (aligned or non-aligned)

Fix-It Tool

Type Tool (render or use as mask for filters)

Magnify Tool, Zoom In, Zoom Out

Eraser, as block or brush

Dropper Color Picker

Hand (Move) Tool for quick scrolling

Popup Color Quick Picker on Toolbar (quite handy)

Palettes and Windows

Tool Palette

Actions Palette

Selections Palette

Quick Palette for Paste and Filters

Brush Control Palette (Save and Load sets)

Color Picker Palette, remembers your last 20 colors too

Zoom Window, auto anti-aliasing on pause (2X and 3X or more)

Info Palette

History (64 levels)

Snapshots (drag from one to another to blend instantly)

Filters , Channel Effects, and General Info

Multi Document capable (24 max)

Fade Undo with preview

History for 64 steps of Undo

Snapshots for saving 32 interim work pieces

Gem Finder preview with mirroring for wild effects and instant new docs or cropping (v2.10 onward)

Median + Oily feature

CMYK separation

CMYK Balance

L*a*b* separation

YUV separation

CORE IMAGE FILTERS (7) (v3.3.4+)

Tiled Poster Printing!

Posterize can separate by level

Create Contact Sheets, and HTML image galleries.

Alpha Channel support



Full Screen mode as composition aid (Shift + G)

Slide Show with Rename option (try the"N" key)

Anti-Aliased Image Rotation

Scale Image/Fast Scale Image

Stretch Canvas

30+ Paste Using Variations

8 Paste Into (Color) Variations

Luminous Edges filter

Plasticize Combo filter

Inkage Combo filter

Posterica Combo filter

Aldo Fresco Combo filter

Soften Image filter

High Pass filter

Unsharp Mask filter

Drop Shadow filter (works all 3 modes)

Hot Melt Image (v2.10 onward)

Split and Recombine Channels

Create Stars and Add Planets

Luminosity Mapping - can be animated to make a Quicktime movie!

DuoWave image distortion filter.

TV Scan Filter, better than RetroScan

Replace Color with "fuzzy factor", and preview

Paste Into Color with preset fuzzy factor

Fast Cropping in Frame and Mat mode

Crop/Save to preset proportion

Hue Saturation and Lightness, applicable via channel.


Brightness and Contrast (Apply by Channel)

Gamma Adjust

Threshold, Color and B/W, Applicable by RGB Channels, with preview

Emboss, 8 Angles, with preview, Applicable by Channel.

Add Noise, with preview. Color-Monochrome, Applicable by Channel.

52 Channel Colorations: Apply randomly,step through, or numbered entry.

Channel Zap: remap any channel to another or black and white.

Over 5 Types of Blur, including true Gaussian.

Zoom Blur

Motion Blur

Blur Lites or Darks Only

Spherize, Ripple Waves , and Twirl distort filters

4 Types of Average

Sharpen, Sharpen More, Sharpen Edges

Sharpen Lites or Darks Only

Unsharp Mask of Zorro

Median, Median Smooth, Minimum, Maximum


Self Compare

Equalize, Equollide, ReQuollide, Channel Average Enhance, more

Immersion ( + Invert = Solarize)



Spazoid and Son of Spazoid Filters

Boid Lines AI Brush

3x3 Kernel Filter, User Defined

Several Types of Find Edges

Fill Edges/Fill Not Edges

Laplacian Edges

Rectangular Gradient Fill

Contour Filter

Big G Filters for painterly coolness, and color effects

Preset Combo Filters for bigtime painterly coolness

PixelWhack Filters for more painterly coolness and disruption

Replay Actions, Save Actions.

Replay Actions upon a movie.

Movie To Image Sequence

Image Sequence To Movie

Blend Image Sequence

Blend Movie To Image

Mirror Horizontal and Vertical, great for tile effects, textures

"Multi" tiles your image

3D Red-Blue

3D Red-Green

Online Help under the Help Menu

Online URL launch under the Help Menu

All operations are (currently) in 24-32 bit RGB image space, RGB +Alpha (PNG, etc)